Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mason Michael Thomas

This is Mason...He is two years old. He has an unreal obsession with vacuums...maybe it's because he sees me cleaning all the time, or it could just be that vacuuming is fun, either way he loves them! He got his very first vacuum for Christmas this year, and guess what, it actually sucks a little...so he is ecstatic! 

As any two year old boy, or any age for that matter, he loves Thomas the train and Lightning McQueen right along with Mater and Percy, their side-kicks. 

He is a very well-behaved two year old. Quiet for the most part, he gets that from his daddy. It takes him awhile to warm up to a new person. He is a mama's boy, and my little cuddle bug. He has recently learned that if he tells mommy that he's scared of the "monstew over 'der" then he gets to cuddle up in mommy's bed, so he's taking advantage of that and so am I! They are only little for so long!

Well that's Mason.....now on to the rest of the family :)

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