Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Akaiysha Kelsey Marie

Akaiysha is a beautiful little princess. She is six years old, and is looking forward to her seventh birthday in April. She is an April Fool's baby, coming 2 weeks late she really did fool us all.

She enjoys playing and spending time with her BFF, Ally, playing barbies and littlest pet shop, and we can't forget playing her DS Grandma got her for Christmas! Akaiysha is now in first grade, reading at around a third to fifth grade level. (It mostly depends on her attitude, and what she is willing to do that day.) She has worked very hard to be one of the top colorers in her class, so I will be showcasing some of her work for the world to see, because of course I am a very proud mommy.

Akaiysha loves the Lord with the passion of an adult and the heart of a child. She's on fire for Him. She would love to save everyone in the world, and there are Sunday's when it is her dragging our butts out of bed to go to church!

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