Friday, February 25, 2011

Family Update: February 25, 2011

Well, looks like I haven't updated in over a year :(

So what's our family up to these days? We are still living in the same place, and Michael is still working at Siemens. Akaiysha is now in second grade!

Softball season will be starting soon, and we are busy getting ready for that. Also Akaiysha is in Girl Scouts this year, and cookies just came in! So that's pretty busy too. She will be turning 8 April 1. Time sure does fly!

Mason will be starting school soon and we are learning our letters. He is really looking forward to playing with other kids and learning. He will be 4 on May 26, my last baby is growing up!

As for me, well I have started Ellington Photography and am looking forward to lots of Spring and Summer shoots. I am also still blogging, which is loads of fun :) (

So how is everyone? What has everyone been up to?

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